Bio Organic

Our little farm also plants a Bio / Organic version of our pumpkinseed oil. This means that we don’t use any altered or chemical practices when it comes to growing pumpkins.

From the very start to finish it is an all certified processes to keep the pumpkin and seeds natural. This means the following:

  • The land where the pumpkins will be grown has been pesticide free for at least 5 years
  • Only grow pumpkins using Bio certified seeds
  • No chemicals used at any stage
  • Fields are worked by hand
  • Any processing equipment is only used for Bio seeds such as pressing and storing.

Bio vs Organic

While in theory they are meant to be the same the regulatory guidelines between the two vary. The reason we include Bio in our naming is that the regulations imposed on us Austrian farmers is greater as the Organic labeled regulations imposed on other farmers else in the world.

Austrias Bio guidelines allow for absolutly no chemical agents while in other countries some lower grade pesticides are still allowed.

There are also 2 regulatory bodies for our type of oil since it is not only Bio but also in a Protected Geographical Area which requires strict standard and verification.

Styrian pumpkin seed oil can be compared to Champagne, which in essence is sparking wine, however only sparkling wine from the Champagne Protected Georgraphical Area in France is allowed to be labled as Champagne.

At the end of the day however we as a small family farm, focus on highest quality over quantity, this is why our oil is not sold in high volumes but it is worth every drop!