Fresh Roasted Styrian Pumpkin Seeds

Although we primarily harvest pumpkin seeds for the production of our fine oil, each year we reserve a few as snacks for the family (and now you, too). 

Styrian pumpkin seeds are not like the seeds you find in those orange halloween pumpkins.  For one thing, they are green!  For another, they don’t have those pesky hulls. Beyond their structural superiority, Styrian pumpkin seeds have a bolder, nuttier flavor.  And finally, they are much healthier and more nutritious than regular pumpkin seeds!


Indeed, these small seeds pack a big wallop.  They contain all nine essential amino acids as well as omega-e fatty acids.  They are also a great source of vitamin A, B C, E, and K.  All in that tiny little seed!

Our seeds are available in a number of varieties.  Some are simply roasted and left at that, the most natural way to consume them.  But if you like a little kick, why not try our wasabi seeds? (Our family favorite).